About Us


Welcome to 5Tomatoes!

Our goal is to create high quality products that tell a particular story about your past, your present, or your future. These stories will highlight your neighborhoods, your rivalries, your adventures. They will make you proud to wear them out. Not surprisingly, you will receive multiple high fives and head nods from random people that say, “Yeah, I see you! Keep doing you!”. And in the end, these products will help to build a community of people who give a tip of the cap to the past, while striving to forge new experiences and legacies.

Whereas the theme of our products will connect with people, the softness will be the reason the people will not want to let them go. They will feel as if you are getting a long hug from a bunch of friendly clouds or have just fallen into a basket full of kittens. We want this apparel to be your favorite and thus, we are going the extra mile in quality.

Oh and we apologize in advance, but you won’t be seeing the Colorado state flag “C” on any of our products. We’ll leave that to everyone else.


Some may ask, how did you get the name 5Tomatoes?

Back in a previous life, EW was a middle school math teacher. To help the students remember that there are 5,280 ft. in a mile, he “borrowed” a memory tool from another teacher. This tool was to remember the feet in a mile by saying Five Tomatoes… Five To-Mae-Toes…Five Two Eight Oh! 

We didn’t want to represent strictly Denver, so we used this name as a nod and a wink to our starting origins….And now, you will never forget the amount of feet in a mile!